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Despite handicap for driving license!



We offer driver training for people with disabilities.


And it is a matter close to our heart!




We want you to be able to travel independently, for example:


Visiting friends or just doing everyday things on your own.

This is not a problem with a driver's license and a vehicle suitable for the disabled.


No matter whether you are going through the complete training with us or whether you are about to receive a medical or automotive report:


We are happy to advise and accompany you on this path!


Our staff is trained for this and our handicap training vehicle is an environmentally friendly hybrid vehicle

and well equipped for handicap training:


Multifunction knob left / right with remote control for turn signals / lights / horn / wipers


Hand throttle and brake left / right


Left gas / right gas


Automatic etc.

We can set up our vehicle for your needs.

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