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The NEW way to get a driver's license!


T he B197 is an extension of the automatic driver's license (SZ 78), which will come into force on April 1st, 2021.

This creates completely new opportunities for obtaining a class B driving license.


In order to be able to drive not only an automatic vehicle, but also all cars
Manual transmission.



What changes to the "old" Class B driver's license?

The training is completed with an automatic and gearshift vehicle.

The practical test is then driven in an automatic vehicle. This creates a class B 197 driving license.

For class B, both can now be driven (switching vehicle and automatic).

When expanding to, for example:

BE or motorcycle is then trained on a switching vehicle and thus entry 197 for the extension classes is omitted.

Advantages :


no additional costs for the training / examination.  



more sensible - from easy to difficult

This means less stress and excessive demands on the learner driver during training.


More knowledge transfer

because the handling of automatics is also trained.



The automatic driver's license is the future. Better acceleration, less wear,

As we move to hybrid and in the near future to electric vehicles, we have too
better exhaust gas values and therefore more
environmentally friendly.

Disadvantage :


- none-

(When expanding, simply take the test on a switching vehicle, so the code number for the expansions is not required)

Course of the training:

10 hours of switching vehicle within the overall driver training.
15-minute test with the driving instructor on a switching vehicle (urban / extra-urban).

After completing the overall training in the initial driver's license training course, there is an official driving test by the TÜV on an automatic vehicle.

From when

From now on.

Also for those who already have a driving license
Class B 78 (automatic) are,

can thus obtain permission to drive a switching vehicle.  



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