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rULES for the

practical driving lessons

  • If you do not feel well, show cold symptoms, have had contact with infected or cold people or have recently been in risk areas, please do not come to the driving lesson.


  • Please just cancel.


  • We will refrain from cancellation fees.


  • It is also very important to completely avoid shaking hands or the like. We see a friendly smile as a substitute


  • Please observe the general rules (e.g. coughing into the elbows .....).


  • In addition, we have to introduce protective masks in the driving school car. That means we can not and must not wear protective masks Hold training.


So please bring your own protective masks !!


  • Every time the driver is changed during the practical training, as well as according to every theory, we have to thoroughly ventilate and disinfect.


Therefore, it can occasionally cause short delays.


  • In the practical car / truck / bus training, only the learner driver and driving instructor may sit in the vehicle.




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