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Meeting point driving hour

74746 Höpfingen


Heidelberger Str. 8

Lesson rules

  • If you do not feel well, show cold symptoms, have had contact with infected or cold people or have recently been in risk areas, please do not come to the driving lesson.


  • Please just cancel.


  • We will refrain from cancellation fees.


  • It is also very important to completely avoid shaking hands or the like. We see a friendly smile as a substitute


  • Please observe the general rules (e.g. coughing into the elbows .....).





Dear motorcycle students,


it hits you a little bit harder. But only at first glance.


Please get your own protective clothing , because this will be a legal requirement for participation in practical lessons, because driving schools are not able to clean the protective clothing “virus-free”.


That means we cannot use our equipment.


But since you want to drive "active" later, you need your own protective equipment anyway.


So please get a complete set of equipment, otherwise we cannot train.


You need:


1. helmet

Our tip:

  • Integral helmet no more than 1,500 grams in weight

  • Closure double D

  • NO half-shell helmet and no flip-up helmet in the driving school.

  • Fitting and scratch-resistant visor.

  • Possibly. Easy to use sun visor even with gloves.

  • Something like this starts at just under 300 euros.


2. Gloves

  • Please with cuffs and wear-resistant.

  • Also with protectors.


3. Shoes

  • Must cover the ankle.

  • Stable hiking boots are possible.

  • Laces double knot very tight.

  • Possibly. Tape over it!


4. jacket

  • With back CE EN 1621-2

  • Shoulder and elbow protectors with current standard CE EN 1621-1


A separate back protector of the correct length offers significantly better protection, especially for the lower spine because the jacket's protector is no longer sufficient.


5. Pants

  • Abrasion resistant and at least with knee protectors.

  • Biker jeans with kevlar and protectors are allowed


That's why the biker jeans are better than the minimal requirement for a pair of motorcycle trousers that are at least worn, like the super combination trousers that are then “not worth putting on to the outdoor pool”.


6. Headphones

  • Please bring your own headphones.

  • Connection; 3.5mm plug. Usually the headphones go, which can also be connected to the cell phone.

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